Roofing Services

  • We only use our own employees
  • No money taken upfront
  • Pay when 100% satisfied
  • Top quality materials used.
  • References available.

Roof and Chimney Repairs

From missing slates to replacing whole sections, we can make your roof look new again. We make sure that any replacement tiles or slates match your current roof - even to matching old, weather-beaten units.


Is your roof looking tired? We can completely renovate it to make it look like new. We clean the whole area then use high pressure hoses to remove the grime and discolouration. The roof is then sealed to protect against fungal growth and weathering.


Sometime all it needs is a little leadwork to solve your leaking problem. Our staff are expert in this work and we can mend any problematic areas.

Soffits and Fascias

Modern uPVC soffits and fascias are a world away from the old wooden style and last for years - especially with our exclusive 10 Year Guarantee.

Flat Roofs

We either repair your flat roof or build the whole area with modern, top-quality products which ensure a tight weather-proof finish - hot tar, cold tar or fibreglass.


Whether you need your gutters clearing or a complete removal and refitting service, we can help. We deal in traditional cast iron guttering as well zinc, painted steel, PVC or aluminium units.


Taking down old aerials, putting up new ones? Sky, Freesat, digital radio - we do them all.